New ‘Roseanne’ Revival Photos Released And They’re A Hint At What’s To Come

And we can't wait!

Growing up my favorite show on television was Roseanne. Once it went in to syndication I was thrilled because I could watch it every day. I would come home from school and immediately turn it on and watch as America’s most beloved family went through the trials and tribulations so many of us experienced. We’ve seen some pretty great reboots of classic shows lately, but none as anticipated as Roseanne.

Roseanne was one of those shows that almost everyone could connect with. Whether you loved or hated Roseanne Barr’s brash main character, there was someone on the show that you loved. Maybe it was her beloved husband Dan, played brilliantly by John Goodman. Or maybe it was one of Roseanne’s three kids. It might have even been her sister Jackie, played by the hilarious Laurie Metcalfe.

Roseanne was not only a funny show but it tackled some pretty tough issues that parents and kids could relate to. When ABC announced that a reboot of the show was coming back, I was thrilled. I can’t wait to sit and watch with my own kids like I watched with my parents.

Despite Goodman’s character Dan Conner dying in the final episode of the original series, the entire cast is back for this reboot.

ABC recently released new cast pictures of the upcoming season of Roseanne, and the nostalgia is wonderful.

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