Rob Kardashian Is ‘Never Alone’ With Baby Dream and Neglecting His Health After Blac Chyna Split

These days you just never know what’s really going on with the Kardashians behind closed doors. In fact, it feels like a full-time job just trying to keep up with them! One moment they are engaged, the next moment someone is spotted with another person and before you know it their relationship is over. And that just happens to be the case between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Their relationship is such an emotional roller coaster that it looks like Rob is having a hard time getting his sh*t together.

In fact, new reports indicate that many friends and family members are worried about Rob’s health again. Apparently, he’s not taking care of himself the way he used to. Plus, sources say that he’s never allowed to be alone with his baby daughter, Baby Dream Kardashian. And here’s why.

Rob and Chyna
Credit: E! Network

Should Blac Chyna be worried about Rob Kardashian’s parenting skills?

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