21 Simple And Gorgeous Ring Tattoos

An alternative to traditional

There seems to only be two kinds of people: People who love tattoos and have a lot of them or people who don’t like them. I have heard the saying that once you get one tattoo, it’s hard to stop and you start planning for your next one the second the tattoo artist placed the bandage on your fresh new one. There are so many places you can get tattooed. Some areas are more painful than others and some are just more visible. None really more debated than ring tattoos though.

If you’re not into traditional, getting an alternative wedding band often has people looking into ring tattoos. It’s something that brings a lot of opinions from people. We know marriage is not forever, so why get something you have to endure more pain to get off.

But, people forget that ring tattoos aren’t just for people looking to profess their love. Yes, some are, but there are other ways you can embrace the ring tattoo and not have it be for a wedding band. 

Check out these ring tattoos that are both gorgeous and simple and chances are you’ll be scheduling your next tattoo appointment.

1.Ring Toe


No one said rings just had to be for hands, right? This is adorable and what a fun feature for warmer weather areas.


Forever love <3

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I really do love the simple design of these. They’re beautiful.

3. Red Ring

The solid simple red line is beautiful. I’m guessing it’s for the Red String of Fate but it might not be.

4. Line Art

I can’t stop staring at how straight that small black line is.

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