Reusable bags

Reusable bags

Reusable shopping bags are great. I love them and I’m constantly picking up another one here and there—if I forget to bring a bag with me, my punishment is the cost of a new one, so they’ve sort of multiplied. But you know a green product is catching on when the plastics industry is fighting back in what must be an effort to drum up business.

recently released report highlights health concerns related to reusable bags. The bags tested had been used but appeared to be clean. The good news is they didn’t find any salmonella or E. coli bacteria on the bags. The bad news is they did find significant amounts of coliforms (a group of bacteria), mold and yeast. Not surprisingly, the older bags had higher concentrations of these bacteria and fungi.

The report was funded by the Environment and Plastics Industry Council—a committee of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association?but the testing was conducted by two independent laboratories. Greenwashing? Perhaps. But while I would normally be skeptical of an industry-funded report, I can see how this sort of makes sense.

Think about it. People are putting meats, unwashed foods and all sorts of items in these bags, so logic will tell you they can get unsanitary pretty quickly. But don’t toss aside your reusable bags just yet. Naturally Savvy has three tips to keep you healthy and happy without reverting back to the plastic bag.


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