Restaurant Offers Special Discount to Parents But Only If Their Kids…

When it comes to taking my children out to dinner with us, it’s not always easy. And I don’t expect it to be easy, too. After all, they are young kids full of energy. They would rather be jumping on a trampoline, running around a park or practicing their gymnastic moves then being tied down to a chair to eat their food in a crowd restaurant (come to think of it, I sometime can’t even get them to eat at our own dinner table at home. The most we’ve ever managed has been ten minutes, tops. And that’s no joke).

But it looks like my husband and I might have to work on our family’s restaurant etiquette, especially if we want to save a little money.

toddler eating
Credit: Shutterstock/Elena Stepanova

There’s a new Italian restaurant that is offering discounts for parents whose kids….

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