Report Says Majority Of Parents Have No Clue What Cyberbullying Is

These days it seems like cyberbulling, or bulling in general is on everyone’s minds, as it’s become more easier for kids to be nasty behind a computer screen than in front of someone in the playground. And even with all the information given to us (like on how to prevent bullying and monitoring your children’s online activity), there’s a new report that says many parents out there don’t know what cyberbullying is to begin with.

Um…. what?!?!

According to Yahoo Parenting, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital polled over 600 parents, asking them whether they would define a variety of mean behaviors as cyberbullying and what they think the punishments should be. Here are the results:

  • Social media campaign to elect a certain student for homecoming court, as mean joke – 63% say definitely cyberbullying
  • Sharing a photo altered to make a classmate appear fatter – 45% say definitely cyberbullying
  • Posting online rumors that a student was caught cheating on a test – 43% say definitely cyberbullying
  • Posting online rumors that a student had sex at school – 65% say definitely cyberbullying


Honestly, this saddens me. Part of the problem why so many kids get cyberbullied is because no one is preventing our stopping this to begin with. And the fact that many parents out there can’t even correctly identify cyberbullying is a huge problem, too.

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