Remove Stubborn Stains Like a Pro

Remove Stubborn Stains Like a Pro

By Lauren Mang

Remove stubborn stains like a pro! Troublesome stains come in all shapes and sizes: an oily handprint on your ivory sofa; black permanent marker on the teak dining table; mustard on your best blouse; and yes, even a tinge on your teeth from last night’s glass of red wine. But rather than settle for all of the above in a perpetually smudged state, we sought advice from professional champions of clean on how to remove stains and keep your teeth, clothes and home in top, stain-free condition.

Perfect Pearly Whites
Coffee, red wine and nicotine are among the worst teeth-staining agents, says Sherri Worth, cosmetic and reconstructive dentist based in Newport Beach, Calif. Her whitening fix: “Once a week, use a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide blended into a paste to brush your teeth.” Worth also says eating foods like veggies, strawberries, and dairy can help strengthen teeth, kill oral bacteria and create a protective stain-blocking barrier.

All About the Brush
Dr. Michael Paesani, a dentist in Falls Church, Va., recommends reaching for a powerful electric toothbrush to minimize staining and buildup when you’re in between professional dental cleanings. “Brushing shortly before and after your morning coffee,” he says,” will greatly reduce the potential discoloration.” Another clever tip: “Keep a bottle of water on hand and rinse after you finish drinking pigment-heavy beverages,” he says.

In the Bag

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