Dad Blasts Into His ‘Friends’ for Not Inviting His Boy With Autism to Their Kids’ Birthday Parties

As parents we are always trying to ensure our kids are inclusive kids. We want our children to be the type of kids who don’t exclude anyone from a game or a school project or simply playing at recess, because as adults,  we know how hard it can be when a child is excluded. It’s hard on the child and hard on the child’s family. After all, no one likes to be left out.

While as parents we all hope our kids are the kind of people who reach out to ensure that no one feels left out and that they include everyone, it’s also up to us to model the same behaviour for our kids to ensure.

Kids learn to be inclusive and welcoming by seeing their parents be inclusive and welcoming. It’s easy to tell your child to do something but it’s much easier when they see us doing the same.

It was all Shane Stephenson expected from his own friends, that they would include his own 6 year old son when their children had parties or events. Shane’s son Reilly has autism and is non-verbal, and Shane is a fierce advocate for his son. He’s also fed up with Reilly being excluded, especially by people who he called friends, and he spoke out in a post that has quickly gone viral.

father's facebook rant
Credit: Facebook / The Life of Reilly

His father is angry

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