This Woman Tried To Get A Recipe From Her Mom And It Didn’t Quite Go As Planned

I'm sure many of us can relate

I’m sure many of us have a tried and true recipe for a favorite dish that if someone actually asked you to write it down, you’d be lost. That’s because for many of us we can simply ‘eye’ the ingredients or make do with what we have.

For almost everything I cook or bake I am a strict recipe follower, but when I make pasta sauce I’ve never followed a recipe – I’ve just gone off what I know. That’s the only thing I would ever have a hard time giving someone the recipe for because it’s simply a ‘pinch of this’ and a ‘handful of that’.

I grew up in a very small town on the East Coast of Canada and my grandmother used to make the most amazing homemade goods for us all the time. She would make breads and loaves and sweets and dinners that made all of our mouths water. Now that she’s in her 90’s she rarely cooks or bakes, but I can still remember those visits to her home and watching her cook. Now I wished I had paid more attention to how she did it all.

My mother and her sisters are all the same, and have all picked up her knack for cooking and knowing what ingredients to use simply by ‘feel’ or just knowing how much of every ingredient is needed, which is why I can relate to this woman’s hilarious story so much.

One woman recently asked her mother for the recipe for her homemade bread so she could try to make some herself, and the response she got was too funny not to share.

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