According To Doctor, Kids Should Be In Rear-Facing Car Seats Until They’re 4-Years-Old

That's a lot longer than most think

There are so many rules for car seats and it makes sense. Cars can be dangerous for even the most average sized grown up so when it comes to kids and babies, it’s heartbreaking ton think of how much a car accident could hurt them. That’s why being up on all the car seat rules is so important and such a serious thing. There are rules that we need to follow and sometimes those rules can be really confusing. It’s hard to keep it all on the same page. And often those rules are just the minimum and there isn’t a whole lot know about the fact that kids can stay in certain car seats longer.

One doctor took to Facebook to share that information. That the guidelines and laws about car seats are often the minimum, but going longer in some of them is better and safer. And his message went viral pretty quickly because the information he shared isn’t what most people are doing. When it comes to rear-facing car seats, we’ve all been told that turning your kid around after they hit the one year mark and weigh 20lbs you’re good to go. So that’s what most parents do, but the doctor says that we’re putting our kids at risk by jumping the gun here and turning them around.

According to him, and all his information, rear facing car seats is what we should be doing for kids much, much older than that.

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Devan McGuinness

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