Rachel McAdam’s Getting Braids On

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Who wants boring pony tails when you can have sexy braids? Banking on this summer’s biggest hair-fad — “the braid”,  The John Barrett salon located inside Bergdorf Goodman in NYC started offering french braids for just $45, and needless to say, it got them a packed house.  Meanwhile, celebrities like Rachel McAdams, Diane Kruger, and Blake Lively have all recently appeared on various red carpets rocking the braids look.  Kate Moss, the Olsens, Ashley Simpson, and Nicole Ricci, on the other hand, regularly incorporate braids into their daily looks.  Personally, the braids craze has me running for anti-frizz serum and straining over back mirrors with an arched neck and twisted arms just to get that perfect french braid.  Perhaps you too can spruce up your look this summer with a new braided look!



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Grace Sun

Grace Sun is a designer not bound by any medium. Not only has she has worked successfully in print design for over a decade but her work also resulted some of Hollywood\'s hottest movie posters such as English Patient, I shot Andy Warhol, Men in Black, and many more. Foreshadowing the move towards digital media, Sun she moved onto web design. As the co-founder of Community Connect Inc., the company launched 3 social networking sites for ethnic communities; AsianAvenue, BlackPlanet, and MiGente.

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