Quick Thinking Bus Driver Saves Kids After Fiery Crash

This is so scary!

As parents we don’t really think much when we put our kids on the bus to head to school each day. I wave to the bus driver, buy them a gift at Christmas and the end of the year and thank them for getting my kids to school safely each day, but do we all really appreciate how much our bus drivers do?

Bus drivers have a huge responsibility in getting our kids to school safe and sound each day, and I can only imagine how loud and ‘active’ many school buses are. Bus drivers have way more patience than I do because I know I wouldn’t be able to tolerate having that many kids talking and listening to their music and yelling and playing while I was trying to drive a vehicle! Even if you have full control and all the kids are perfectly respectful, it’s still a lot of people you’re responsible for and that’s huge.

I don’t think bus drivers always get the credit they deserve especially when we see them stepping up in such huge ways.

A Georgia bus driver not only kept her cool but ensured all her students made it safely off her bus after a pick up truck slammed in to them recently, earning praise not only from the students but their grateful parents as well.

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