Q&A: Partner Present During Pregnancy Test?


Should I do the pregnancy test with my husband present. Any advice you can give me on this topic would be fantastic.



Hi Jackie,
The reality is it comes down to you. Are you going to be upset if you find out you’re not pregnant? As a guy, in most instances, he’s not going to be upset if it is negative or at least not as upset as you might be if it is negative. He’s not going to be able to supply you with the compassion and sort of things you would like him to say.

Now if you are pregnant, you run the risk he will not be as excited as you.

Our advice would be do the test by yourself and whichever way it goes, you can then identify the best way to manage it from then on.

We’ll actually do a blog in a few days on the best way to tell him you’re pregnant and how to get him excited from day one.

So recapping answer, do it by yourself unless he is super, super, super excited about the whole thing and wants to be involved. Hope this helps.

Sam and Tom,
Being Dad Team

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