The Cure For Obesity, Heart Disease, And Anxiety Is Puppies

Puppies can cure pretty much anything

    It’s a scientific fact: if you’re feeling down, you need to hug a baby or a puppy. There’s something about both of those things that will instantly make you feel better! But if you don’t know anyone with a baby, it can be super awkward to find one to hug. People are MUCH more willing to let you snuggle their puppies than they are their children, LOL. But pup snuggles are really good for you! I don’t know if it’s the wet little noses, or the soft fur, or the way their little feet smell like corn chips. Maybe it’s the puppy breath? Whatever the reason, science actually confirms that having a puppy is good for your health, in so many ways.

    Some really amazing medical research has come out, showing that puppies can have an incredibly positive impact on your overall health. Even better, having a puppy can reverse some of the damaging effects of serious illnesses like heart disease and obesity. Several studies have shown that having a pet can dramatically improve your life, but the effects they can have on your health are pretty awesome.

    Puppies are some of the purest little creatures on the planet, and it doesn’t surprise me that they can do this!

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