Prince William Is Going Viral Over His Dorky Dad Moves at a Swiss Nightclub

I love my parents and I really, truly love and appreciate them when we’re at events and they’re sitting down at tables, eating, drinking, and being just merry with our relatives. A few times my father has threatened to hit the dance floor at weddings but thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet. These days the last thing you want is for someone with a smart phone to record an embarrassing clip of one of your parents getting down on the dance floor while showing off some of their expired 1970’s moves.

Unfortunately though, that’s exactly what happened to Prince William at a Swiss nightclub earlier this week. The Duke of Cambridge was getting boogey with it when someone with an iPhone decided to record his dance floor moves and share it with the world. And let me tell you, William is no Prince Harry.

Prince William
Credit: YouTube/TMZ Screengrab

Check out Prince William’s dad moves!

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