President Obama Thinks That American Students Spend Too Much Time Taking Tests And Calls For Limits Of Testing

We are very fortunate, we moved my 1st and 2nd grader to a brand new charter school that does not focus on testing and focuses on being present with your kids. They are a project based school that allows the child an incredible growth opportunity. The kids do not have homework they have prep work and pre-work is only for those who do not get their work done in class.  My kids come home every day excited to learn and when they do have prep-work they are eager to be ready for school the next day! I know this is not for everyone, but for us it really works!


But, go ahead and ask a public school parent what their biggest complaint is with education and everyone will shout out “testing”!  Check out the stats from the big-city public schools they take about 112 mandatory standardized tests between pre-kindergarten through  high school graduation.


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