Teacher Accused Of Force-Feeding Toddler But Preschool Says She Was Saving Child’s Life

She's facing abuse charges.

Preschool teacher is accused for force-feeding a toddler, even though she says that she was trying to save the little girl’s life. That’s right: according to reports, Piedad Mez Cruz is being accused of pushing a 1-year-old child’s head back and trying to feed her at The King’s Academy Preschool in Royal Palm Beach, Florida last summer.

Even though there is security footage available of what had happened that day, it’s unclear if she was force-feeding the child or indeed saving her from choking. There are two different stories of what had happened. The mother of the child emailed the school director with photos of her daughter with bruises on her cheeks.

For so many parents, it’s really hard for them to find a good preschool and a good preschool teacher who will treat your child like their own. Yes, it’s a tough job and not everyone is qualified to do it, but it’s a job that has to be done with delicate care at all times. After all, our children are our most precious commodities.

It took authorities eight months to arrest her, although that’s because it was difficult to figure out what the preschool teacher was doing in security footage that was obtained by local authorities. Now there are so many questions that need to be answered. Here’s what we know.

Was this pre-school teacher force-feeding a toddler?

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