Pregnant Woman Films Her Bulging Belly As Her Baby Begins To Kick

OMG... I have NEVER seen anything like this.

There is something about pregnancy that is next-level strange. You know the whole idea behind it — that you’re growing a new human. That whole concept is bizarre though.. like super weird because you don’t realize just how weird the situation is until you’re in it. You get to watch your baby grow while staring at your stomach that grows along with the baby too. When your little-one-to-be gets big enough that you can see their movements under your skin, that’s when the weird really hits. It’s one of those life experiences that you don’t ever want to forget. One pregnant woman films her growing and moving belly to keep those memories for a lifetime. Well, what she was able to capture was something that I have never seen before.

We all know that your baby is going to move as you get further along in pregnancy. And it’ very much feels alien like. It’s pretty incredible to watch and even cooler to feel. Yes, there are times where it can be painful. And i imagine that nearly every pregnant woman films it because it’s something you want to remember.

Well, one pregnant mama captured the movements her baby was doing when she was nearly full term and watching it makes my stomach hurt.

The footage was uploaded and the description pretty much describes what we’re all going to think when we watch it:

“The mum in the clip seems to be calm and enjoying the experience but others compared the clip to scenes from a horror movie.”

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