Men Are Tweeting Their #PregnantWife Problems And Every Dad-to-Be Can Relate

Just let it go, guys.

Being pregnant is not an easy time in life. It’s incredible and amazing what your body is able to do, no doubting that. But so many women don’t find it to be the most magical time in their life. And who can blame them? There’s a lot going on from having to deal with the symptoms of being pregnant like that feeling like you’re going to be sick any second, not having anything to wear one morning when you’re already running late, and needing to be very picky about what you eat and the room temperature.

It’s not easy and anyone who say it’s always easy is very lucky to have had such a calm pregnancy. 

Well, the whole growing a baby thing isn’t easy for your partner either. No, they don’t have to deal with so many of the symptoms we do when we’re pregnant, but there are so many more things on their plate.

Mainly having to deal with us and when you’ve got hunger, tiredness, hormones, and lack of feeling in control surging through your body, sometimes you can get a little irrational. Yes, you want what you want in that moment, and it’s up to our partners to handle that for us.

it’s only fair, right? We grow they baby — they support us.

Well men have started a hashtag on Twitter devoted to all this they have to do when their partner is pregnant ant it’s so hilarious and relatable, you’ll want to read every single one of them.

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