Pregnant Woman Was Killed on Train Tracks During a Photo Shoot

These days doesn’t it always seem like we’re constantly distracted over something? I see so many drivers wearing headphones on the highway, people on their iPhones bumping in to buildings when they should be paying attention to where they are going and pedestrians not following street signs and rules.

But if there’s one thing that usually bugs me the most, is seeing people trying to do photo shoots at public transportation hubs, regardless of whether or not it’s busy. That’s why so many people are still trying to find answers over the case of 19-year-old pregnant teen, Fredzania Thompson. She was killed why posing for photos near train tracks. But what people can’t understand is why on earth did her photographer not tell her that there was a train approaching before she was killed?

pregnant teen
Credit: Facebook/Fredzania Thompson

Fredzania was in the middle of a modeling shoot on the tracks when a train approached

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