Pregnant Mom Dies After Truck Hits Her Stalled Car

There is a 3-year-old fighting for his life

This story is just super sad. There’s no way around that, but in the sad there is a true power you can see on how much a mother loves her children. What she will do for them, and how important families are in the wake of tragedy. However, this family is changed forever. A beautiful young pregnant mom who has left too soon, a baby boy who never got the live, a 3-year-old who is fighting for his life, and a 5-year-old who watched it all.

Valery Arreola, a 21-year-old single mother who was also 8 months pregnant, was driving in her old 1999 car with her two children when it stalled on the roadway. The car was struck from behind while she was on the phone with her dad, who was on his way to get her.

She was taking her young sons to meet her family for a day of sledding and when her car stalled. According to news reports, Valery Arreola  pulled to the side of the road and immediately called her dad to find out what she should do about her car that stopped working. Believing everything was safe to wait at the side of the road, her dad said he was on his way — and that’s when he heard a loud bang and everything went silent.

And a pregnant mom lost her life and one of her children is still fighting for his.

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