Pregnant Mom Asks Daughter To Do Her ‘Pregnant’ Walk Her ‘Waddle’ Has Internet Cracking Up

Toddler Nails the Pregnant Mama Walk in Adorable Video

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you are probably quite familiar with the waddle. You know the one. You’re a million weeks pregnant, you haven’t seen your feet in what feels like years, and the only way you can get around is by doing this weird shuffle waddle thing. There’s no way to avoid it! You’re basically swinging a beach ball around in front of you, and your hips could give out at any minute. So you get around the only way you can. Pregnant mom Teri O’Neill gets it.

Teri is in the full-on shuffle phase, and she made the hilarious mistake of asking her toddler how mama walks. The result? You have to see it to believe it. First of all, asking a toddler to imitate ANYTHING you do is going to be funny. Their little toddler mannerisms are just the best. The really funny is, you probably don’t even realize how closely they’re watching you!

Always watching and listening, those little sneaks. And then one day, they bust out with a perfect imitation of something you do, and you’re like I’m … sorry? You’d better hope they pay better attention to the cute, funny stuff than when you’re sleeping on the couch or in the bathroom.

This pregnant mom made quite the impression on her toddler!

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