Pregnant Mom Explains How Putting Everyone Else’s Needs First Put Her in the Hospital

Being pregnant is quite taxing on your body. Sure, millions of women do it everyday, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Growing a human being in your body requires extra care, but we all know that’s easier said than done, especially if you have other kids at home.

Being pregnant while also being a mom to other children is even more difficult because while you’re trying to take care of yourself, you’re still the mom and you still need to care for your other kids.

Sure, we all know that partners and husbands are often there to ease the burden, but it always seems that moms tend to do most of the heavy lifting, don’t you think?

One expectant mother is speaking out about how putting her own health and wellness behind the rest of her family’s actually resulted in an extended hospital stay after her body literally shut down.

Steph Pase is a pregnant mother of a toddler who learned the hard way just how important self care is, especially when you’re pregnant, and she’s sharing her story so other women just like her understand the importance of not putting yourself last.

self care
Credit: Instagram / @justanothermummyblog

This is why self care is so important!

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