Pregnant Mom Does an Entire Fitness Routine During Labor to Help Pain During Contractions

From the moment we find out that we are expecting to the moment we go into labor, we pretty much have one main thing on our mind: our birth plan. We obsess about it, we dream about it and we most definitely talk about it to anyone who will listen. We know what’s best for our bodies and together with our partner and our OBGYN or Midwife, put together a really comprehensive plan or idea of how our delivery will go down.

But the thing about labor is that you can never really plan for it because there’s always a twist somewhere. Those twists can also include how you feel, and this fit mom unexpectedly felt amazing during her labor. In fact, she felt good enough to do this full workout and it might actually help you through your labor, too.

Credit: Instagram @bubs2bikinis

See the insane workout this mama did while in labor!

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Allison Cooper

Allison Cooper is a full time blogger at Project Motherhood and freelance writer. You can find her balancing her time equally between writing, spending time with her family, running, or sipping on strong coffee! Connect with her on twitter for daily chit chat and mama musings!

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