Kylie Jenner Is ‘Mortified’ Over Pregnancy Weight Gain, Doesn’t Want to Get ‘Fat’ Like Kim

Back when I was pregnant with my first child well over a decade ago, I basically ate my refrigerator. I gained a whopping 70 pounds and quite honestly, I truly regret not watching my diet and being a little more careful with my weight gain. It took me 18 months to shed off all of my baby weight and with my second pregnancy it was even harder. I couldn’t wear my pre-pregnancy jeans until my son’s second birthday.

Now, while it’s evident that every woman gains weight during their pregnancy, some just gain more than others. But is it really something to worry about? It depends on whom you ask.

It is hard though, to see the scale creep up, and it can mess with your brain when your clothes don’t fit and trying to wrap your brain around the fact that gaining weight is a good thing. It’s probably the first time in your life when that’s the case and if you’ve always been conscious about your size, that new reality is hard.

There are new reports that suggest newly pregnant reality television star Kylie Jenner is so horrified of gaining too much weight that she’s telling her close friends and family she’s worried she’ll end up looking like her sister Kim Kardashian.

Life of Kylie
Credit: E! Life of Kylie

Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to make the same mistakes her sister Kim made.

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