Pregnant Kylie Jenner’s Family Will ‘Support And Help’ With Baby But They’re Worried

She's really young

Do you remember the moment you found out you were pregnant? Whether it was a complete surprise or something you worked hard for — or somewhere in between there — it can still be very scary. There is a whole lot to take in during that moment and the all the wonders, worries, what is going on questions you have swirling through your head. It doesn’t matter if you’re a random person in the middle of nowhere America or if you are pregnant Kylie Jenner, there are those same questions and what’s ups.

There has been so much talk about Kylie Jenner lately. People want to know if she is or isn’t pregnant. It’s pretty much been an ongoing topic since the rumors started swirling months ago. I have full confidence that yeah, she is. Doubt was removed when she showed up, finally, in photos during a Calvin Klein photo shoot. There she covered her stomach like in part hilarious ways. And her lips were a lot smaller, indicating that she had to stop injections, which is pretty standard when you’re pregnant.

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And while her family has not really said too much to help dispel or confirm the rumors. Which is weird for them. But insiders have been listening to the family and what they have to say about pregnant Kylie Jenner and her age is pretty telling.

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