Pregnancy Sucks for Men

Pregnancy Sucks for Men

By: Joanne Kimes

I know when you’re pregnant you have to endure morning sickness, constipation, and endless gas, but don’t think that your spouse isn’t suffering right along with you (he certainly is with the gas thing). True, he may not share the same physical discomforts, but his world is certainly changing as well…and not always for the better.

Before you conceived, chances are your husband got a lot of attention. Perhaps he came home to a tasty meal, and had a fulfilling sex life. But now that you’re knocked up, he’s lucky if he gets a microwave dinner (which he has to eat in the garage because the smell makes you sick), and gets any action at all (what with that spotting concern and his fear of harming the baby, or at least creating dimples where dimples shouldn’t be). Your husband now feels like you’re in the drivers seat while he’s stuck in the back.

So, even though your hormones are racing and your mood swings are intense, cut your guy some slack. Remember that his life is changing too. He has to worry about making enough money to afford the baby (that Bellini crib alone nearly threw him over the edge), and he has to read all those baby books that you gave him (or at least pretending to anyway). Besides, once your baby is born, and all the attention that’s now focused on you switches over to your new baby, you’ll be right there in the back seat with him!

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