Pre-Bagged Salads In 23 States Due To Listeria Concerns



While I love a good, healthy salad for lunch, this right here has me a little concerned. Dole is recalling their pre-bagged salads due to concerns about listeria. So far one person has died.

Dole is recalling its pre-bagged salads produced at its Springfield, Ohio, facility after a listeria outbreak sickened 12 people and killed one, NBC News reports.  The salads were sold in 23 states and three Canadian provinces.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the outbreak was reported in six states since July 5, but the source of the illnesses wasn’t known until January.  Yikes!

So in other words, if you have a Dole salad bag in your fridge, throw it away ladies!

For more information, check out the FDA link here.

Source via Good Housekeeping

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