Powerful Photos of Women Giving Birth

Before I gave birth to my first child, I’ll admit that I was scared. In fact, I was completely frightened by the thought of having a painful child birthing experience simply because I had no idea what to expect. Sure, you can read all the books in the world but until you do it for the first time yourself, nothing can prepare you for that powerful yet sensational feeling of giving birth to a newborn baby.

With that being said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling unprepared, scared or like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing in the delivery room. And trust me when I say that’s OK. There’s no wrong or right way when it comes to preparing yourself for the most life-changing moment you’ll ever experience. After all, there’s a reason why everyone calls mamas Wonder Women. We have the super natural powers to give birth to tiny little humans and live to tell our tales about it!

But if you need some reassurance of just how beautiful and meaningful motherhood is, and especially during the first few seconds of your baby’s life, here are some of the most powerful photos we’ve ever seen. When I first caught a glimpse of my baby after giving birth, it was a strong cocktail of emotions that included awe, excitement, nerves and love. You’ve got to see these photos to know what I mean.


Here are 10+ incredible images of women giving birth that will take your breath away

1. First Look

When you’re baby looks at you for the very first time, it’s a priceless moment that you’ll never forget. This photo absolutely melts my heart.

2. Unexpected Expectations

This is something I would like to call unexpected expectations. Giving birth is a roller coaster of emotions – you simply don’t know what to expect! You either cry, you smile or in some instances, you laugh. In this case, mom is experiencing the bizarre yet fuzzy feelings that comes with motherhood all at once.

3. Contractions

Nothing says I’m ready to give birth than screaming as hard as you can while you are counting down the hours and minutes until you meet your baby. Don’t worry mama. Most of us have been in this moment, too.

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