This Mom Hack Shows How A Potato Can Help With Your Child’s Common Cold

Can't hurt to try!

Any parent who has every had their child suffer through the symptoms of a common cold, (so all of us) knows how annoying it is. No one wants to see their child stuffy and miserable. We all know how hard it is to get rest when we’re hacking and sneezing and it’s so much worse when it’s our child.

We love our precious babies, toddlers, teens and grown children and we hate when they are sick. I will do just about anything to make it go away. While each mom has her own tried-and-true methods for handling the inevitable bumps, bruises, and illnesses that kids encounter, there are some tricks that work better than others.

We’ve all seen different hacks and tricks online, and personally I’m all for them. I love it when they work, and if they don’t then I move on. But especially when they’re all natural, it doesn’t seem like there’s any harm in giving them a try.

One mom recently posted a very interesting way she treated her son’s common cold, and people can’t stop talking about it! While some are critical of her methods, others are rushing to the grocery store to give it a try for themselves!

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