Pop Stars Fun

Pop Stars Fun

Have aspiring pop stars in your household? You and your family can perform your own music videos!

What you’ll need: favorite music, dress-up clothes such as hats and scarves; “microphones” such as spoons, toothbrushes, or hairbrushes, camcorder or other recording device.

Play your children’s favorite music or ask them to sing a song for you. Give them pretend microphones and encourage them to dress up using hats, scarves, or other fun clothes. Each child can take a turn singing, humming, or cooing into a microphone as if a pop star performing in a music video or concert. If possible, capture the performance with a camcorder or other recording device, then watch or listen to it as a family.

No doubt, the sound of your voices is one of your baby’s favorite things, so he’ll love to listen to everyone sing. But make sure he gets in on the action, too. If he tries to gurgle or make sounds, mimic them back to him. He’ll enjoy this interaction. During the performance, he cam be center stage while one of his siblings helps him dance.

Your toddler may be happy simply blowing into the microphone, or she may be ready to sing a few notes of her favorite song. Remind her of the lyrics by singing a few words then pausing to let her guess what comes next. See if she will finish the lyric after a few tries!

Preschooler and School-Age Child

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