These Vintage Toys From The ’90s Could Be Worth A Small Fortune These Days!

Do you still have any lying around?

Kids these days may have their Fingerlings and Hatchimals, but anyone who grew up in the ’90s knows that owning a Polly Pockets was all the rage!

The tiny pocket sized dolls were sold by Mattel and featured an entire line of dolls and accessories. Chances are you’ve either collected Polly Pocket dolls or been unfortunate enough to step on them when you were younger.

When I was a kid, Polly Pocket figurines were super popular. I was never obsessed with the popular toy, but I did buy them for younger family members and friends. They were fun like Barbie, and the accessories you could buy with them were limitless. They became popular again in the early 2000s and I even bought some for my now teenage daughter.

As the years passed people seemed to become less enamored with the once popular pocket size toys. Polly has seen some drastic changes over the years. She’s gotten bigger and her clothes and accessories have changed. It seems that Mattel stopped selling the toy in 2015, but that hasn’t made her any less appealing.

Like many things in life, it seems that Polly Pocket toys and play sets may not still be popular among the masses, but there’s a niche group of collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for these vintage toys.

Time to look in your closet and your parents and grandparents closets to see if you still have any Polly Pockets lying around and learn how you can make some serious money from them.

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