Police Investigating a Babysitter Who Allegedly Burned and Beat a Baby 37 Times

As a parent, it’s my job to make sure that my children are always loved, well taken care of, and above everything else: comfortable and safe. I mean, that’s part of the job, right? As a parent you put your needs on the backburner to make sure that your children are always looked after.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. In fact, not a lot of people put much thought into parenting and childcare altogether. That’s why so many people are absolutely outraged over this story of a woman who did the unimaginable and indescribable to a child. I mean, what provokes people to harm an innocent and defenseless child? Let me warn you that this story is rather disturbing and not only will it shock you, but it will also make you question humanity. With that being said, I keep finding myself asking the same question over and over again: is there anyone we can trust in this world?

Credit: Shutterstock/Konstantin Tronin

Find out why this babysitter was arrested

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