Police Catch 8-Year-Old Boy Driving on Lap of Drunk Mom

Not everyone is cut out for parenthood. Not everyone needs to be a parent. There are some people who shouldn’t be parents.

They just shouldn’t be responsible for a little human being.

If you don’t want kids and know that, good for you. But if you do have children, you are making a commitment to raise that child as best as possible. Basic necessities like food and shelter, but also equally important is giving your kids safety and security.

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Not for this wWisconsin mother who has only one thing on her mind

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Maria Lianos Carbone

Maria Lianos-Carbone is owner of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women. Her first book, "Oh Baby! A Mom's Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year" will be published Spring 2018. Follow Maria on Instagram @amotherworld.

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