This Plus-Size Resort Is A Sanctuary For Obese Vacationers

"Being able to feel 'normal,' even for a little while, was beyond a gift."

    Trying to find time for a vacation is a nightmare at times. If you have kids who are young and you need to find babysitters for, it’s a daunting task. Even after you have, by some miracle, found someone to take your kids the planning isn’t done there. You have to find where you want to go, you have to line up your work so you and your partner can go together and not take work with you. There is finances. And the shopping. If you’re plus-size the idea of going to the beach in a bathing suit can feel daunting. We all know that it shouldn’t matter what other people thing of our bodies. It should be the very last thing on our minds and we should be able to feel the space to love ourselves at every shape. But, people are jerks. Fat-shaming is real. And that can make vacationing as a plus-size woman a real challenge.

    Good morning from The Resort.

    Posted by The Resort on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

    One travel agency is looking to change that because no one should go into vacation stressed out. Stressed out about going on vacation defeats the purpose, doesn’t it.

    The company caters to people who consider themselves plus-size and makes sure their experience is fun and free from fat shaming and other judgments that only people who are larger in size feel.

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