This Mom Turned Her Placenta Into Chocolates, Yep Not Kidding

I'll never look at an Oreo the same way again.

There are so many people who swear by the powers of consuming the placenta after birth. We have heard from celebrities who do it. Normal average people give it a go. And there are various ways people do that. Some go full out and eat it, like a steak, but those people are far and few. Most often, people are taking their placenta into their body in pill form. It’s dehydrated, ground to a dry powder, then added to some capsuels and swallowed daily.

People say that it helps keep postpartum depression at bay. Others swear by its power to keep women’s energy levels up and to help re-regulate the hormones. Others tout that this has been done for ever, they point to other mammals doing the same after birth. I’ve seen my cat do this… and not going to lie… it was weird.

Credit: Screenshot YouTube / Daily Mail

Well, it’s not really weird in the parenting space to hear of people consuming their dried placenta in pill form. It’s not unusual anymore. But one mom one-upped that and has decided to consume her placenta in a way that I’ve not heard of before. And not going to lie — it’s changed me a little bit.

For clarity, I didn’t ingest my placenta for any of my births. But, it’s not weird to me. But, what this mama did has left me feeling a sort of way.

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