This Clip Of A Pissed-off Peppa Pig Got Turned Into A Meme And It’s Hilarious

Peppa Was Not Having Any Of It!

One of the greatest parts of the internet is the meme content. It seems like everyday, a new picture or video surfaces that gets the meme treatment. These are usually hilarious, sometimes unintentionally so, but the clever people of the internet turn them into gold. Seriously, how are there so many smart, funny people on the internet?! It’s not just being able to turn something into a meme, it’s finding it in the first place. Take this pissed-off Peppa Pig clip, for example.

My kids watch A LOT of Peppa, and I never knew this particular scene existed. But once I saw it, it was burned into my heart forever.

The pissed-off Peppa Pig clip that people are turning into a meme is from an episode in which Peppa discovers she can’t whistle. I share this embarrassment with the little pig, so I get it! There’s nothing worse than not being able to do something, and then finding out that pretty much EVERYONE ELSE can do it but you. But it’s not Peppa’s anger over not being able to whistle that people are turning into hilarious memes. It’s her reaction upon finding out that her bestie Suzy Sheep can.

Nothing like being betrayed by your best friend…

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