Pinterest Projects: Colored Bath Ice and Shaving Cream Paint

Pinterest Projects: Colored Bath Ice and Shaving Cream Paint

It is a struggle to get Ava in the bath some nights, and with a newborn at home now, I have less time to deal with her lovely stall tactics. Bath toys don’t entice her like they once did, so I scoured Pinterest for some fun bath activity ideas. These two were both huge hits!

First, we made colored ice cubes, which were so easy. You just have to put one or two drops of food coloring in each cube of water before freezing. I made a bunch and put the extras in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for future use.
Ava loved chasing them around in the bathtub and watching them melt. They also made the bath water change color, which she thought was super cool. So simple and so fun! Ice Cubes

As much as she loved the ice cubes, Ava enjoyed the shaving cream paint even more. And this activity was just as easy to prepare.

I simply mixed the shaving cream and food coloring in silicone ice cube trays

And Ava used a paint brush we had on hand (the foam kind might work better)…

Shaving Cream 2 copy

Shaving Cream 4 copy

She did a little hand painting as well :).

Shaving Cream 6 Ava was a very happy (and clean) little girl. DSC_0966   We will definitely be repeating both of these fun activities!

Catherine Shepherd

Catherine Shepherd is a full-time working mom who lives in Dallas with her husband, two-year-old daughter, newborn son, and two crazy dogs. She loves wine, cooking, throwing parties, college football (especially TCU), the beach, carbs, holidays, reading, Tex-Mex, dancing, Pinterest, bubbly cocktails, mani/pedis, brunch, and naps. Cat's little corner of the Internet focuses on her family and friends with some tips, projects, recipes, reviews, and random musings thrown in along the way.

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