Pink’s Latest Pic With Her Kid Has Brought Out the Sanctimommies Once Again!

For anyone who follows rocker Pink on Instagram, it’s pretty clear that she’s one of the coolest celebrity moms on social media.

The singer gave birth to her second child, Jameson Moon Hart at the end of last year joining big sister Willow, who is now 6.

Pink has never shied away from being as real about motherhood and pregnancy and breastfeeding as she can, which is probably why we love her so much. She’s openly discussed pregnancy weight gain and loss and has transformed from one of the bad girls of rock to an equally badass mom of rock who loves to show off her kids on social media.

While Pink may not care what anyone thinks about how she chooses to parent her kids (as she shouldn’t) it doesn’t mean that the sanctimommies aren’t coming for her.

pink shows off her push present
Credit: Instagram / @Pink

Does this picture alarm you?

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