Study Says Shopping For Girls Costs More Than Boys Thanks To Product Markups

Warning: this will make you angry

Pink tax is something a lot of people have never heard of before, but actually pay all the time without even knowing it. That’s right: there’s a pink tax that is secretly making you pay more money for your daughter’s clothes, toys and accessories than for your son.

I hate admitting this, but when I go shopping for my children, I usually don’t pay attention to the prices. Yes, I do look for things on the clearance rack and try to spend as little money as possible, but I don’t compare items or products. But it’s something that I need to start doing. Why? Because I’m spending more money on things for my 10-year-old daughter than my 7-year-old son.

pink tax
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Even though I’m basically buying the same things for them, it’s the color that matters at the cash register.

And yes, we parents have every reason to be upset about this. Here we are trying to teach our girls that they can play on the same field as the boys, that they should be earning just as much money as the boys and that they shouldn’t feel like they are the lesser sex in life. And yet here we are spending more money to give them their basic needs.

Here’s what we know about the pink tax.

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