Pink Shares An Emotional Encounter With Another Mom At The Grocery Store

Lean on each other for support.

Pink is the kind of celebrity mother that we love to follow on social media. That’s because she’s not like the other moms in the entertainment industry. She doesn’t just show the highlights of her life on her Instagram account. She posts the kind of photos that other celebrity moms wouldn’t dare show the world. She also shares the kind of heart-to-heart conversations she has with her daughter that you would just hear from your closest mom friends.

What’s more, she’s also very honest about her marriage to her husband, Cary Hart. She makes it no secret that they’ve had their issues in the past and that trying to take care of your marriage while raising two kids at the same time isn’t easy (remember when she admitted that she didn’t sleep with her husband in over a year?). That kind of honesty is very refreshing. It’s also a reminder that it’s OK NOT to have your sh*t together at all times.

It’s no wonder that Pink gets a lot of love from her fans whenever she sees them. Her latest encounter with a fellow mother at a grocery store is yet another testament to how much the world truly appreciates her.

Here’s what happened.

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