Pink Claims Christina Aguilera Feud Turned Physical and She Tried to Punch Her in the Face

The great thing about “Watch What Happens Live” is that Andy Cohen has this talent of getting celebrities to talk about just anything. They spill all of their dirty little secrets in front of him, with a camera catching every little word they say. It’s juicy, it’s scandalous, and it’s the best kind of television programming we love to watch! It’s also the reason why so many people tune in to the Bravo network each week.

Just recently Andy Cohen managed to work his magic again with chart topper Pink. She revealed that she and Christina Aguilera once had a scuffle in a club back in the day. As I’m sure a lot of people can remember, Pink and Christina worked on a collaboration called “Lady Marmalade” back in 2001. It was one of the biggest hits of the year. Yet, behind the scenes Pink and Christina had a hard time getting along with one another so much so that Xtina once took a swing at her. WHOA. How is this all coming out right now? And will Christina have anything to say about this? Pass the popcorn, you guys! This is about to get very interesting!

Credit: GIphy

Here’s what happened between Pink and Christina Aguilera

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