The Internet Says Piercing a Baby’s Ears Is Child Abuse

Piercing an infant's ears is a hot-button topic online.

Everyone parents differently. That should be a common, accepted fact, and yet so many parents on the internet believe that it’s their way or the highway. A new mom found this out the hard way when she asked for advice on piercing her baby’s ears.

Poor mom. Honestly, the most important piece of advice for new parents should be, “Don’t ask the internet for its opinions about your parenting choices.” Alas.

On the website Netmums, a website for parents in the United Kingdom, parents can find all sorts of information about raising children. The most popular section of the site is “The Coffee House,” a message board where parents can directly interact with each other. The intention of The Coffee House is for parents to chat, make new friends, and exchange friendly advice.

LOL. Friendly parenting advice on an anonymous message board. Well, one can dream.

The Coffee House has a multitude of topics for parents to peruse. There’s everything from support for special needs parents to meet-ups to tips on losing the baby weight.

One of the busier threads on the site is the “Babies: Birth to Twelve Months” section, which is where our piercing mom posed her question.

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