13 Hilarious Pictures of Kids Who Got Stuck in a Sticky Situation

I thank my lucky stars every day that I wasn’t born or raised during the social media era. As a kid of the eighties, my parents didn’t have the desire (or the energy) to take several photos of me each day, upload them on social media and share those moments with all of their friends and family. Heck, I’m certain that it took them several months to even finish a roll of 32 photos on their Polaroid cameras.

Of course, that’s not the case today. Parents absolutely love to snap and share at any given moment. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a photo that’s cute, boring or just downright embarrassing, parents will share it anyway. Which means kids have to be either on their toes or pretty well-behaved to avoid any potential humiliation online. Because for one reason or another parents just LOVE to share pics of their kids stuck in very sticky situations… like these photos that we’ve got here. Seriously, I would have been in big trouble with all of the things I used to find myself stuck in as a toddler. Thank goodness no one thought to document the moment on film!

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You’ve got to see these 13 hilarious photos of kids stuck in sticky situations!

1. That Kid Swing

crazy kids
Credit: Imgur / @mccrazy

Sure, we all feel like kids sometimes but there’s a reason why you can’t just get inside your toddler brother’s swing. Number one, you don’t fit and number two, you don’t want someone taking a picture of you while you’re trying to get out! This one is going in the family archives!

2. Not the Toilet!

funny fail
Credit: Instagram / @funnyfail_2014

No, no and no! Sorry kid, but there’s no reason for you to be fishing inside your toilet. And I really do hope that someone flushed before he got in there. But by looking at his face, it looks like he’s crying for a reason!

3. Shopping Cart Fail

stuck kids
Credit: Instagram / @samsmitty12

This is why you simply can’t turn around whenever you’re shopping with your kids. Nope, not even for two seconds! Because by the time you look back to check on your kid THIS might happen. And it doesn’t look comfortable at all!

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