Photographer Captures Gorgeous Photos Of This Newborn With Inoperable Brain Tumour

When Erika Jones was pregnant with her second child, she was told by doctors that there was a good chance her baby wouldn’t be born alive. During her 30 week ultrasound a dark spot was spotted on the baby’s brain that was later confirmed to be a tumour.

In an interview with ABC News, Erika explains what she was told by doctors saying “The doctor prepared us that this was really bad. The prognosis was very poor.”

Three months earlier in the pregnancy Erika and her husband Stephen, who are also parents to 2 year old Audrey, were told that their unborn child would have Down Syndrome.

“After the initial mourning,” Jones said, “we made peace with it quickly and were so excited.”

Jones said the tumor “literally came out of nowhere. At the 26-week ultrasound, her brain looked completely fine.” At 30 weeks, the portion of her brain that was affected appeared “massive.”

“I don’t want to walk this path, I don’t want to sacrifice my daughter,’ I said. I imagined God just saying, ‘I’m so sorry and crying with us,’” she recalled. “We prepared ourselves for the worst and decided that she would have a meaningful life, no matter how short it might be.”

When their new daughter Abigail Noelle Jones was born, they brought in professional photographer Mary Huszcza of 8.08 Photography to take pictures of their gorgeous daughter. Jacksonville,Fl newborn photographer (41) Jacksonville,Fl newborn photographer (40) Jacksonville,Fl newborn photographer (48)


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