Photo of Professor Babysitting Student’s Kids While She Takes Exam Goes Viral

Army ROTC and single mom, student Monica Romero was in a predicament that college parents fear all the time ~ her babysitter canceled on the day of her final exam and her good friend suggested that she bring her two children with her. BuzzFeed tells us that the 28-year-old moved to Kentucky and going to the University of Louisville finishing her bachelor’s degree to become an army officer after serving in  South Korea.

Monica had no choice but to bring her kids to her exam and packed up her tablet to occupy them outside of class and her laptop.  The kids were kids and could not be very quiet and her professor, Dr. Daniel Krebs, said to her, “Go take your test. I’ll take care of this.”

Once Monica was finished, her professor stayed in the hall and played with them.  Dr. Krebs has to be one of the most amazing professors out there!  Check out  the facebook post that Monica’s friend shared to show the beautiful moment!

Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. As a friend of mine was preparing to take our…

Posted by Victoria Henry on Wednesday, December 2, 2015


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