Parents Are Lashing Out At The ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie, Accusing It Of Allergy Bulling

Should 'Peter Rabbit' be boycotted?

Peter Rabbit is a beloved character that many fans remember best from their childhood books. But unfortunately the bunny rabbit has gotten himself in quite a pickle with film critics after insensitively depicting a character’s allergy in the film.

The backlash has gotten so bad that the studio and filmmakers say they regret not being more aware and sensitive to the issue. But it might be too late.

As a parent with a child that has a food allergy, I get it. Fortunately, my daughter doesn’t have a life-threatening allergy, but there are certain foods that she needs to stay away from in order to avoid an outbreak. Allergies are seriously no joke and for anyone who suffers because of them, they’ll understand what the entire fuss is about here.

I mean, with all of the bullying that goes on in school these days, do we really need to add “food allergy bullying” to the list too?

And now parents with children that have life-threatening allergies are condemning the movie and expressing their concerns on social media. The charity group Kids with Food Allergies even posted a warning about the scene on its Facebook page last Friday.They’ve even started a #boycottpeterrabbit hasthag. Yikes! Here’s what we know so far.

Should Peter Rabbit be boycotted?

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