Peter Pan Diamond Edition DVD, My Kids Never Want To Grow Up!

Peter Pan Diamond Edition DVD, My Kids Never Want To Grow Up!

Peter Pan is one of my childhood favorites! As a child I wanted to be tinker-bell and fly through the air fixing all of the worlds problems or at least sprinkle some fairy dust!  Recently I sat down with my kids to watched special Diamond Edition of Peter Pan. It was magical. Just in case you don’t remember.


Based on the classic novel by J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan is the magical story of a boy who never grows up, but when he flys outside the window of the Darling family and hears Wendy Darling telling bedtime stories to her younger brothers and sisters, Peter then decides to take the three Darling children on an adventure to Never Land, a place where not only do the children never grow up, but it’s filled with everything a child could want… treats, no rules, mermaids, pirates, and fairies! While in Never Land Peter Pan and his sidekick fairy Tinker Bell team up with Wendy and her brothers to fight the vilains you only hear about in stories – like Captain Hook!

Disney first released Peter Pan in 1953, and audiences immediately fell in love with the story. The Diamond Edition delivers a sharper remastered image and sound as well as including a DVD, Bluy-ray and Digital Copy all in one package.

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