These Personalized Car Air Fresheners With People’s Faces On Them Will Make Your Drive To Work Amazing

These Will Make The Perfect Gift!

If you’ve been stuck on what to get your dad for Father’s Day, this just may be the perfect gift for you. According to Bustle, you can now purchase a car air freshener complete with your face on it in a variety of scents. What dad wouldn’t want to open up a pack of three bacon scented car air fresheners complete with their offspring’s face on it?

If your car typically smells of gym clothes, your dog, or simply the most recent fast food you’ve picked up, you may want to invest in a car air freshener. Picking up one of those tree shaped freshener that smells of pungent pine is not your only option now. Imagine driving to work and getting to see your most favorite person or pet staring right back at you? Brilliant!

Fresh Face is a product line from Firebox that offers car air fresheners in a variety of five different scents. You can choose from bacon, coffee, fresh linen, island breeze, and naturally, new car smell. But what makes these car air fresheners such an awesome gift is that you can also personalize them with a picture!

You can buy a set of three car air fresheners for just $20 (before tax and any shipping charges) and then you have the option to personalize them with any picture you want. The company simply suggests you select a picture that is high quality and zoomed in. After all, if you’re sending your dad a car air freshener with your face on it, you want it to be in focus and definitely not pixelated. The air fresheners are also double sided so everyone gets the opportunity to see the picture.

While it may seem like a bit unorthodox to have a car air freshener personalized with a picture of you, or your best friend, or even your dog, people are loving them.

“Delivered all the way from the US! Definitely something different and silly for Christmas stockings – they smell amazing!” wrote one reviewer on the Freshbox website. “Fantastic! The best money I’ve spent for quite some time….the look on their face as they opened the present was priceless!!” wrote another.

Clearly the personalized air fresheners are a hit as gifts for everyone, and the site currently promises any US orders placed before midnight on June 7th will arrive in time for Father’s Day. These definitely look like a fun and relatively inexpensive, yet personal gift for anyone on your gift list. You can order your own personalized car air freshener here.


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