The Perfect Apple Bacon Pie

The Perfect Apple Bacon Pie

We have the most incredible recipes to share with you!  The Perfect Apple Bacon Pie, Johnny Apple-Cheese aka Johnny Pastrami Grilled Cheese and Hot Apple Toddy all from Chef Eric Greenspan!

I am a huge fan of Chef Eric Greenspan (executive chef and owner of The Foundry on Melrose)! And so excited to hear that he has partnered with Harry & David for a Seasonal Chef Program, he has come up with recipes that will work with their seasonal fruit of the month club!! Honeycrisp Apples definitely will please any crowd!

Eric created three recipes for the fall/winter season including the Apple Bacon Pie, that will make your holiday guests gasp with delight!! The Hot Apple Toddy – using Harry & David¹s Honeycrisp Apples – it will definitely warm you up on those cold winter nights and amazing for entertaining guests during the holidays!

If you didn’t know… Eric is opening of a new restaurant, Greenspan¹s Grilled Cheese (his ³Johnny Apple-Cheese aka Johnny Pastrami² Grilled Cheese recipe is also featured below) which I am dying to go try!!! And currently we have been watching him weekly on The Next Iron Chef! Rooting for a win!!!

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